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Bath Soft Cheese 227g

Block Mature Cheddar

Bocconcino Mozzarella 1kg

Boilie Goats Cheese Balls 1kg

Buffalo Mozzarella Balls 250g

Butter Milk 1ltr

Capricorn Goat Cheese

Cashel Blue

Cave Aged Truckle 1.2kg approx.

Cerney Goats Ash Pyramid Cheese

Clotted Cream 1kg

Cornish Yarg 1kg approx.

Cotswold Organic Blue Brie 320g approx.

Cotswold Organic White Brie 260g

Cows Mozzarella Balls 125g

Creme Fraiche 1ltr

Crottin Goats Cheese x 12

Devon Blue

Dolcelatte 1.6kg approx.

Dorset Blue Vinny

Dorset Red

Double Cream 2.27ltr

Duck Eggs


Epoisse Germain 250g

Exmoor Jersey Blue 600g

Feta Cheese Greek 900g

French Brie 1kg

French Camember 250g (Wooden Box)

Fruit Yoghurts 125g (French)

Full Fat Soft Cream Cheese 2kg

Goats Cheese Log 1kg approx.

Godminster Organic Brie 200g approx.

Godminster Organic Cheddar 1kg

Godminster Organic Cheddar 400g

Golden Cross Cheese 225g approx.

Gorgonzola Cheese

Grana Padano Parmesan

Grated Grana Padano Parmesan 1kg

Grated Mature Cheddar 2kg

Grated Mozzarella 2kg

Greek Yoghurt 2kg


Guacamole 1kg (Frozen)

Goats Curd 500g

Halloumi Cheese 200g

Humous 2kg

Lard 250g

Large Free Range Eggs x 30

Lescure Butter Portions 100 x 10g

Liquid Egg White Fresh 1kg

Liquid Egg Whole Fresh 1kg

Liquid Egg Yolk Fresh 1kg

Little Colonel 235g

Little Lilly 115g

Livarot 450g

Mascarpone 500g

Mayonnaise 10ltr

Mayonnaise 5ltr

Medium Free Range Eggs x 30

Mini Goats Log 180g

Montgomery Cheddar

Mozzarella Block 1kg approx.

Natural Yoghurt 450g

Natural Yoghurts 125g (French)

Organic Brie with Black Pepper 200g approx.

Pecorino Romano

Philadelphia Cream Cheese 1.65kg

Pont Leveque 360g

Quail Eggs x 12

Ragstone 200g

Reblochon Cheese 450g approx.

Reggiano Parmesan 1kg approx.

Ricotta 1.5kg approx.

Ricotta 250g

Roquefort 1.2kg approx.

Rosary Goats Log 275g

Rosary Plain Goats Cheese 1kg

Semi-Skimmed Milk 2ltr

Sharpham Brie 1kg approx.

Shaved Grana Padano 1kg

Smoked Applewood

Smoked Wedmore

Somerset Brie 1.1kg approx.

Somerset Camembert 220g

Soured Cream 1kg


Stinking Bishop 500g approx.

SunBlush Tomatoes 1kg

Taleggio 2.2kg approx.


Truckle Cheddar 1.8kg approx.

Tzatziki 2kg

Unsalted Butter Rolls 250g

Westcombe Cheddar

Whole Milk 2ltr

Wookey Hole Cave Aged Cheddar

Wyfe of Bath 1.35kg approx.

Wyke Salted Butter 250g

Wyke Unsalted Butter 250g

Yeast 1kg