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Angel Hair Noodles 250g

Bamboo Shoot Halves 560g

Black Sesame Seeds 250g

Buckwheat Noodles 250g (Soba)

Coconut Milk 400ml

Cream of Coconut 425g

Creamed Coconut Block 200g

Dark Soy Sauce 500ml

Firm Tofu 349g

Green Thai Curry Paste 400g

Hoi Sin Sauce 397g

Ketjap Manis 150ml

Kikkoman Soy Sauce 500ml

Light Soy Sauce 500ml

Lychees in Syrup 567g

Mirin 750ml

Narcissus Rice Vinegar

Oyster Sauce 907g

Palm Sugar 500g

Panko Breadcrumbs 300g

Panko Breadcrumbs 10kg

Pickled Ginger 1kg

Plum Sauce 397g

Poppadums 200-250g

Prawn Crackers 227g

Quick Cook Noodles 400g

Red Thai Curry Paste 400g

Sake Rice Wine 750ml

Sliced Pink Sushi Ginger 190g

Soybean Dark Miso Paste 500g

Sushi Nori Sheets 25g (10 sheets)

Sweet Chilli Sauce 725ml

Tempura Batter Mix 1kg

Teriyaki Sauce 250ml

Thai Fish Sauce 725ml

Toasted Sesame Seed Oil 648ml

Udon Noodles Dry 250g

Udon Noodles Wet 200g

Wakame Seaweed 500g

Wasabi Paste 42g

Wasabi Powder 25g

Water Chestnuts Tinned 567g